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Started by [email protected], June 24, 2014, 01:56:34 PM

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[email protected]

I want to create a series of hiking trail maps for use in print and, potentially for an online application. They are for a guide book. The trails exist, but I'd like to create maps of them. What GPS would do this? And where is the best place to learn how to use this GPS? Is there an online program that could help me get started?


Most GPSrs will generate GPX format track and point data that can be imported into a map.  Your bigger challenge will be finding suitable contour, hydrographic, and road data to add your GPX data to.  Mos of that data is free in the US, but the applications that combine it aren't.  I use Global Mapper.  Others use ESRI products.  If you can find suitable data and can figure out how to use the software, you may be able to download enough freeware from the OpenStreetMap site to make the maps you need.