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HELPPPPPP Etrex 20 map download

Started by rodgearing, June 26, 2014, 04:17:03 AM

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Some one talk me thru the way in which I get a map from my PC unto my Etrex 20.
I have downloaded British Isles from un zipped it and is now a Disc Image File in my Win zip directory.
My Garmin is plugged in and sat there drumming its fingers
Now what ?
Talk me thru the procedure some one please.  How do I plonk it on the disc in my Garmin please


These forums are primarily for supporting the maps that are hosted here. I don't know anything about that map, but it sounds like you have a .img file. This is NOT a disk image - that is a bogus report of the file type. Unfortunately, the .img extension is used for different things. Garmin also uses the .img extension for their map files.

Based on what you have said, you would just plug your eTrex into your computer where it should appear as a USB disk. Find the \Garmin folder and copy the file there. Safely remove the eTrex and start it up. Then see this. The eTrex will be a little different, but you should get the idea:


OK thanks the file is a .img file
I have copied it to the Garmin but I wanted it to the card within the device but I can't see the card on my PC any clues?


Card must be formatted FAT32. Make sure it is well seated. If you want the map on the cardm just create a folder at the root level named Garmin and copy the map there. The rest is the same, the device treats maps exactly the same on the card as it does in internal memory.