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Installing -- South Central United States - With Installer

Started by thomajrmm, August 22, 2014, 07:22:40 PM

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I downloaded the map referenced above and no Installer pop up at download completion.
Searched the computer and can't find any reference to the download.
Running Windows XP with MapSource 6.16.3 installed.
Can I get directions to locate the download or direction on how to proceed?

Should I chance to Windows 7 and install BaseCamp and start over?

Thanks for assistance


Your download should be a .exe file.
Run that file and it will create the necessary files and Windows registry entries.
THEN start MapSource or Basecamp and the mapset should be available.
Select some or all of the segments (quads) and send them to a micromemory card (or your GPSr's built in memory.  This part is slightly different depending on which model Garmin GPSr you have.

Also see the tutorials: and

Indrid Cold

Both Windows XP and MapSource are no longer supported by their companies. I would consider upgrading both. Both will work for the time being but there's no guarantee how much longer.


Thanks for all the help. I finally found the installer buried in a Documents folder, installed it and loaded it into MapSource. All that is left is to upload waypoints.
As you can tell I am not experienced with the nuances of the procedures.
I will certainly consider setting all this up on Windows 7 with BaseCamp