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Unable to upload map

Started by alester, May 14, 2014, 12:52:58 PM

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I've produced a topo map for my province that I'd like to upload here, but I can't get it to upload. I created the map listing and can get to the upload screen just fine. I can even select the file and it appears to upload until it gets to 100%, but that's it. I never get any "upload successful"-type message (it's unclear if I should or not), and the file is never available to be downloaded, even if I leave the upload page open overnight to make sure it's completed. The file is 878 MB. The upload page says it can accept files up to 2 GB, but maybe the size is the problem? I've tried uploading using both Firefox and Chrome with exactly the same results in each. Is there anything I'm doing wrong, or is there something wrong with the site?


I don't think you will actually get a "success" message when the upload is complete.  Is this the map you are trying to add?

If so it appears that it is setup to link to a remote site not be hosted here.  The file actually uploaded perfectly fine; I can see it in the database.

I've gone ahead and converted your map to a "hosted here" map and added "content" and the [DOWNLOAD] link.
Dan Blomberg
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That's perfect, thanks Dan!
It's a bit odd, though. I definitely made sure to select it to be hosted, because that was my whole intention with adding it here. Oh well, I guess we can just chalk it up to a brief site glitch.
Thanks for your help!