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Maps for backcountry navigator?

Started by buylow12, February 21, 2014, 01:38:52 PM

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Hi I have been using the Florida Topo maps on the etrex for years and love them. They already have all the trails in the state on them that I have hiked. I recently purchased Backcountry Navigator for my phone and love how easy it is to download maps from their free sources. Garmin should learn something from them, it was always a battle using their software. Absolutely hate it but I have managed to use it functionally.

Unfortunately the Backcountry Navigator maps do not have as many trails marked on them. Has anyone been able to load maps from here into Backcountry Navigator? If it can't be done with the maps from here is there another source that I might be able to use? If not is there any other way to get these maps on to my phone?

I really hate all the proprietary bull crap and with the rise of cellphones with GPS I think that their really going to have their business shaken up. I'm sure it's already happening.

Thanks for your help.

Indrid Cold

Sorry but these maps are not compatible with that software.


Is there anywhere to get maps similar to these but in different formats? USGS maps are nice but do not have many trails on them? Considering how useful the maps are on this site I just can't imagine there are not other sources. I have not come across anything similar in years of looking. Even somewhere that offered GPX files with the trails for an entire state would be great. Anyone know of anything like that? Most sites that I have come across with GPX files don't hold a candle to what is here. Thanks for all the amazing work put into it.

I am am lightweight backpacker and carrying both a GPS and Cellphone is redundant especially on well marked trails. I prefer the cellphone because they have countless uses (weather, time, camera, GPS, phone for emergencies, books, hell even movies if I wanted, plant guides, trail guides, e-mail, etc.) When weight isn't a consideration(kayaking, etc.) I bring both.

Anyways in case someone else would like to do this, I just drew a track over the trail I'm hiking this weekend in Basecamp and exported it as GPX and then imported it in Backcountry Navigator. Not real efficient but works.

The source that is used to produce the trails on these maps would be extremely helpful as a GPX file so that it would be compatible universally. If the maps can't be converted to other formats at least the trails could be combined with the many free Topo Maps available with other software. I assume the people who spend all this time on creating these maps do it to help people and they could help a lot more people if more things were produce in non-proprietary formats.


I have converted all of my ATV Trails maps to BCN and you can get them along with instructions on how to load them onto BCN.  The native .gpx format does not support color so I have colorized mine per my maps for BCN.  BCN will only import .gpx files which is why you can't find any trail maps.  Most/almost all map makers will not distribute their GPX files for any trails they have on their maps even if they could.