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My Location/Enabled Map Problem

Started by outofmydepth, August 30, 2014, 01:12:34 PM

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When I turn on my Dakota 20 the first thing it does is identifies My Location.  Wouldn't be a problem except I'm in Florida and the load map is for Arizona.  Instead of showing the map I get My Location with the colored directional line to Arizona. I have to either move the screen with my finger(quite a little journey or select a waypoint on the map.

Any way of stopping the My Location process so that the map will automatically appear when I turn the unit on?



No way that I can think of.  You can view the AZ map in BaseCamp.  And when you get to AZ, you'll be happy to have the unit showing your location.


You can turn the GPS off in the settings.  It may be called demo mode.  Then change the location and it will stick.