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Garmin Montana 600 - tochpad not working

Started by valnaylr, February 28, 2014, 01:34:07 AM

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Anybody else having this problem?

The touch pad suddenly became unresponsive while I was using the unit. Power button works fine, unit turns on & off but doesn't respond to anything on the touchpad. Power key will wake it up from sleeping, but not touchpad. No major shocks to the unit (dropping, shocking, extreme temperature...?), it's a few years old & has maybe ?1000 hours on it. I'll use it heavily for trail design for a week or 2, then it'll sit for a month or two.

Any advice is appreciated.


Call Garmin and explain you have one of the early models with the defective touch screens. In the past, they have replaced them under good will. Be polite and patient. Let us know what happens, please.
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Thank you! I'll give them a call & let you know what happens.


Update, I contacted Garmin and they advised me to send the unit in for replacement with a reconditioned unit, I've done so and am awaiting the replacement unit. They did not acknowledge any recall or defect with this issue but did give me a significant break on replacement cost.


You gotta love Garmin! When I bought my 650 it would not read a 64 gb SD card. Went back and forth for several weeks till I asked for a warranty replacement device because it wouldn't work as advertised. They simply stopped talking to me.
So they sold you a re-furbished device for a known issue with the early models.
How kind of them!