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Base camp error reading waypoint, oregon 550

Started by james131, February 21, 2014, 05:31:47 PM

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When I open base camp I get this error: Error reading following file    Garmin/GPX/Waypoints 09 Jan 14.gpx
BC opens fine. The 550 works fine. They interface fine but for the E message. My question is number one; how do I locate the file to determine if I want to continue to ignore it or dump it, and two how big a file it is? May be its vary large- it may be part of a whole over lay.

I opened windows start>garmin oregon e>garmin> gpx , and i cant find any 09 Jan 14
If i can determine the files origin then I will know if its mine or something I aquired from another party.

Thanks, James

Indrid Cold

Use BaseCamp to backup all the waypoints, tracks & routes from your GPS them use BaseCamp to delete them from the GPS. Now open the folder on your gps: Garmin/GPX/ and see what's left. Repeat for you datacard if you have one.

After cleaning up the problem file, resend your backed up data back to the GPS


You can open the offending file Garmin/GPX/Waypoints 09 Jan 14.gpx with a text editor or change the suffix to .xml and open it in Internet Explorer to see what information is included. It will be a list of waypoints you saved on 09JAN14.

If they are not important, you can simply delete the file, or, if you need to keep the waypoints, you can create them again using information copied from the offending file and then delete it from the device.

I suspect the waypoints in this file are read just fine by your GPSr, so if you are OK with them not being read by BaseCamp, you can choose to do nothing, which is what I do with several GPX files BaseCamp complains about on my GPSr each time I connect it.
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