Thankyou for the welcome, I am a newbie in FL, who just got a Colorado as a gift

Started by Renaissanceman1, June 06, 2009, 09:15:08 AM

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The site is great !!!  So much information   As I stated before I received a Colorado 300 as a gift
to start a cool new hobby .  I have played with the  GPS and looked at the site ,now I have only a few problems. The first is there are no topo maps as shown on the box . Stupid me for not reading ,and just looking at the pretty pictures.
Secondly I need help geting a Florida Topo into the machine, can this be done with dial up or do I need to borrow another computer,and lastly I am a computer novice to boot.

Thankyou in advance for any assistance. :D


The Florida topo on this site is 125Mb.  That would take a long time via dial-up, but you judge for yourself if it is feasable for you.


I just did this today for the first time also , I bet it would take a while on dial up for sure....
All you have to do , run the CD that the unit came with , thats Mapsource then update Mapsource from Garmin's web site...Then come back here download , what Map or Maps you want
click on the little tab inside Mapsource and it will show your Map highlight what area you want...Hook up your gps via usb
turn it on and then hit send to unit on the Mapsource screen...
Oh before you do all of that you might want to go to Garmin's web site and download the latest firmware from Garmin for that unit , I hear it makes the Colorado preform very well.   8)


I would download it at a school or library and put it on a USB thumb drive to take home.

Also, download the MapSource update while you're there since its 60mb+
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