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60 Csx multiple maps

Started by clarkaw, February 13, 2014, 03:47:31 PM

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I'd like to have both my CA Topo and Mytrails maps show on my 60Csx. But, even though I have them both on the SD card, the 60Csx only recognizes the one named mapsupp.img . I can take the card out and rename files while it is in my computer. Then, I can enable that map in the 60Csx. Even telling it to show all doesn't work.
Is there  way to combine both maps into one mapsupp.img file?


If you have maps installed on PC, you can use Mapsource or MapInstall to send them all together in one task, just select all maps you'd like to have in GPS.

If you have only img files prepared for GPS, then you can merge them with GMapTool:


Whoo Hoo!!!
That did exactly what I wanted. I selected the maps I wanted, told it to save with a filename of all.img, then when it was finished I renamed the file to gmapsupp.img. Put it in the 60Csx, and Voila!
Thanks very much.
I love this forum!


You can also accomplish this in Mapsource, but you must do it at the time you send the first map. Using the map tool, select the portion of the first map that you want to send but don't actually send it yet. Now use the dropdown menu to choose the next map you want to include and use the map tool to select the area you want. Continue doing this with as many maps as you like.

As you do it, note the Maps tab in the left pane of the mapsource window. It will continue to grow as you select portions of all the different maps. When you have chosen everything you want, now use the send to device menu and it will all be bundled into a single gmapsupp.img file on your memory card.