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Newbie trying to download maps onto Basecamp

Started by jish1969, February 07, 2014, 07:07:08 PM

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Hi all,
     I am a newbie from Buffalo NY, and have been considering buying the Garmin etrex 20, so I downloaded Basecamp and have tried to download NY maps off of here, including this one-   They show up in the Manage Map Products menu, but the only accessible option after that is the copyright button.  The maps are exe's, and I am running a 64 bit Windows 7 with 1 Terrabyte of storage, so what am I missing.  Like I said I am a newbie at this, and dont even have the etrex 20 yet, I am trying to see is this is easy enough to do so I can just buy the etrex unit and not the Bundle with US topo 100.  Any help is truly appreciated.


The .exe is an installer that you must run. It should then place the maps into the correct location for Basecamp to access them. After installing you should be able to view the map by choosing it from the dropdown menu. The whole process should go like this:

Now there is a bug related to the installer for some older maps on this site and it only affects Windows 7 64 bit systems, so that might be your problem. The problem is that certain registry keys are not created by this old installer. The "kludge" is to quit Basecamp and install another map that will create the proper keys, and the standard advice is to just install this:

See if this helps.


I did download the My Trails map, but it appears to be very basic, and not topo, when viewed on basecamp.  Will it be topo when uploaded onto a GPS?


I think I have figured it out...Are the maps on this site meant to be an overlay on a topo that I would have to purchase?

Indrid Cold

Quote from: jish1969 on February 08, 2014, 10:56:56 AM
Are the maps on this site meant to be an overlay on a topo that I would have to purchase?
No, that map works in conjunction with a Topographic map such as the following:


I did not suggest downloading that map so you could use it (although you might want to). Read my post again, it is a kludge because the installer for myTrails creates some registry entries that are needed by certain other maps.

After installing myTrails, see if you can select the New York topo from the dropdown menu in Basecamp. That is the map you originally were trying to get working:

This image from the tutorial I linked to above shows the dropdown map menu that is used to choose which map to view in Basecamp.