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New PC - transfer existing maps, or download to new PC??

Started by banest, January 29, 2014, 12:08:09 PM

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I am getting a new PC with Win 7 64 bit on it. My old PC has Win 7 32 bit. My question is, after I download BaseCamp to my new PC, can I just transfer my existing GPSFiledepot maps from the old PC to the new PC, or would it be best to just download the maps I want onto the new PC, so BaseCamp knows exactly where they are? I am afraid that if I transfer my existing maps from old PC to new PC, BaseCamp on the new PC won't know where to look for them. Any advice would be appreciated. I have read about using My Trails on Win 7 64 bit, so I have that trick in my pocket already, if needed.


Garmin's traditional map format (which includes maybe 95% of the maps on this site) uses the Windows registry to identify the files for Basecamp/Mapsource. So simply copying the files won't work because it will not transfer the registry keys to your new machines.

The easy solution is to use the free GMTK program to transfer everything, as described here:


Thanks for that link; I did not know about that program. I appreciate your willingness to always provide a helping hand!