Loading GPS File Depot maps to my SD card using a Mac

Started by arlmar, January 14, 2014, 03:17:35 AM

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Hello, I noticed many of the replies are PC specific & somewhat older. I downloaded the GPS File Depot Florida Topo map successfully but because the file ends in "gmapi" it won't load to my SD card which requires a file ending in "gmapsupp.img. Could someone please help? Thanks.

Indrid Cold

.gmapi are install files that instan on you Macintosh.

1. First install BaseCamp on your Macintosh
2. Double click the .gmapi file, it will install into BaseCamp
3. Use BaseCamp to send the map to you GPSr


The map shows in BaseCamp when I go to the header & click on Maps. All the maps except the one I want are on the SD card in my Etrex 20. The one I want, a Florida topo has more detail than my other. I just can't figure how to get it from Basecamp to the SD card without the proper file ending.