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Big Desert map wont download

Started by DrMoab, February 02, 2014, 09:37:09 AM

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Trying to down load the Desert Southwest map and it gets to about halfway through and quits. Then I get an error saying the file is corrupted. Any others experienced this?

I'm looking for some routeable maps for Utah and Nevada.


What OS and browser are you using?  Do you have the most recent version of Java?  What internet security are you using?  Have you tried turning it off?

I've seen one or two reports about this, over the past few years.  It's generally fixed when the poster switches computers.  You may want to PM -Oz- . 

Also, this would have been better posted in the Site Support Forum.


also, try removing older versions of Java from your machine:

that sometimes helps
My custom KMZ map collection:


Should have asked above:

Have you successfully downloaded any other maps, or are you only having this problem with Big Desert Southwest?