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Need help with maps on Oregon 600

Started by oldbuck, December 25, 2013, 06:18:26 AM

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Are you using a memory card or internal memory? Before doing ANYTHING, do a full backup of your Oregon. This could save your a$$ someday if you accidentally delete the wrong thing. Just make a folder on your computer, and drag the entire contents of the Oregon internal memory to it.

Personally, I like to manage maps directly in Windows. Open the Garmin folder on either the card or internal memory and you will see a bunch of files with .img extensions. They should have somewhat descriptive names. Just delete the ones you don't want. Again, do a backup of all these files on your computer FIRST - just in case there's a problem.

But do NOT delete gmapbmap.img, which is the unit's basemap. Do NOT delete gmaptz.img either, it's a timezone map. gmapprom.img should not be deleted either, but you won't have that file unless you are using an Oregon 600t.

Now I'm sure this can all also be done with MapInstall, but someone else will need to explain that since I don't use it.


I removed all maps and the reinstalled Garmin Topo USA 2008 and it opened fine on the Oregon.
I used base camp and it took forever (faster way?)

Now I tried to reinstall a file from gpsfiledepot with basecamp "NE USA Topo Part 1", it says it was successfully loaded BUT it does not show in the list of available maps ??

I looked at was was on the sd card with my pc and it shows that it is there along with other map files that do not show.. see attached.

I read somewhere on this forum an map issue with 64 bit files...have to load a 32 bit file first?? Anyone.....

The only files that are displayed on the Oregon are Worldwide DEM basemap and Topo USA 2008 1,2 & 3...nothing else...HELP


Was Topo USA 2008 installed when you re-installed NE USA Topo Part 1?  If so, try un-installing Topo USA 2008 and installing NE USA Topo Part 1 on its own.  One common cause of maps being listed on the GPSr, but not showing on the GPSr is naming conflicts.  If both map tiles have the same 8 digit name (like 12345678) only one tile will show up.  If that's the case, you'll need to decide if you'd rather have Garmin's Topo USA or the NE USA Topo.  Note that the 8 digit name I mention is NOT something you will be able to see as a map user, it is assigned when the map is compiled.


I don't think your are having the 64 bit map issue. That issue prevents maps from being installed in Basecamp on your computer. If you can view the map in Basecamp (with the dropdown menu), then it was correctly installed.

There is still some confusion about these lists of maps and where they come from. You can take a screenshot of the maps menu on your Oregon, that might help us understand - see:

I suggest that you first remove the memory card from the Oregon, then look and see what files are contained in the \Garmin folder on the Oregon 600 internal memory. Again, posting an actual Windows screenshot would be better than copying a list. You can do this with the Snipping Tool in Windows.

As I mentioned earlier, DO NOT install Topo 2008 at this time. ONLY install the PA topo (assuming that's the one you want to use, based on your earlier post). Let's get that map working for you all by itself for starters. Adding other files like Topo 2008 just muddies the water and makes it harder to troubleshoot.

It will also help if the memory card is REMOVED from the Oregon. That way we'll know that the only files you are using are contained in internal memory.


Also.... see my earlier post about the map segment limits and US Topo 2008. The problems you describe sound just like the kind of "weirdness" that happens when you have more than 4000 segments installed on the GPS. Some maps will not appear.

This is why it's important to completely remove Topo 2008 from the GPS in order to troubleshoot the other maps.


Hello all, Thanks for helping me. Attached are the files I see on the SD card and a screen shot showing what the gps says are on it. Don't know why they do not agree. I can remove Garmin Topo USA again as I think the maps from this site run ok then. The reason I wanted the Garmin TOPO as well is that it shows state forest boundaries and the other maps do not.
I will unistall the Garmin topo right now and see what happens. One of the posts said it may be a file name issue, could I not just rename the darn thing?? The sd card is really tiny and hard to remove so if I don't have to do that it would be better for me. (old guy-73)
Will uninstall and get back. Do I have to uninstall with base camp or just go to the sd card via pc and delete the files?? Thanks again folks :)


OK..I uninstalled the Garmin Topo USA and now the maps I downloaded work just fine, If I can find one that shows state forest borders I will be in GPS heaven.

THANKS to all the folks who helped me during this ##!!**&%^ frustrating time....

I will search for a data base that has that info, if anyone knows if it exists please pass it on.

Happy New Year


I am willing to bet that your issue was having too many map segments due to installing Topo 2008. There should be no problem using that map, but you must just choose a smaller area. This can be done in Mapinstall by only highlighting a smaller area of interest before sending to the GPS.

Glad you got it working. Normally you shouldn't need to remove the memory card, I just thought it could help us localize the problem by removing it from the equation. But it sounds like you will be ok now.  :)


Tomorrow I will try to just add a segment, don't know how to that yet but think I will figure out. Then I can get the state forest boundaries I need.
Thanks to all