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windows 8.1

Started by aerbus101, December 08, 2013, 10:11:27 AM

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Thanks, Seldom. The Arkansas Topo map had so much more with topographic lines, etc. I may look elsewhere for map sources now that I'm stuck with Windows 8.1. I just wanted the basic roads and USGS topo lines. I need something to lay down the tracks I record by hikings and backpacking.


You might try a combination of a planimetric map and a transparent topo, but you won't be able to view both maps simultaneously on BaseCamp.  A few planimetrics are listed on the Arkansas page.  You can also download the Arkansas section of . That's routable and may have both roads and trails.  OpenStreetMap is also an excellent venue to upload and share your trail data.


Quote from: cpresoz on January 06, 2014, 05:36:57 PMapparently the 64 bit fix is working somewhat

Just to be clear, the only 64bit issue I know of is related to certain registry keys that were not being written when using an old version of the GPSFileDepot map installer that was included in a few maps here. If you had this problem, then the map you installed simply didn't appear in the dropdown menu in Basecamp. It did not affect the style in which a map is displayed.