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Load NW Trails Transparency into basecamp?

Started by Huckleberry, June 03, 2009, 11:41:22 PM

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I know its a sin but I have the 24K West Topo maps and am wanting to overlay NW Trails into Garmin's basecamp.  I'm guessing that I could upload it together with the .gdp created in basecamp to affect my desired end result (have NW Trails as overlay on garmin) but I want to see it in basecamp on top of the other maps for route planning.



Thank you sir!  There's something I can work with!  I was also thinking that maybe I can export the trails in NW Trails as tracks and import them onto my other maps...not sure if that would work cuz I haven't really analyzed how the trails are captured for the transparency layer.


If you load the NW trails map it should draw over the 24k west topo as is. 
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