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Xfring Old Routes/Map Data to New Computer

Started by bltrout, November 17, 2013, 11:18:12 AM

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My old laptop (Vista OS) died,,, but hard drive is okay with USB connection to new laptop with Window 8 OS. When I open BaseCamp, none of my old data (hundreds of past hikes) is picked up in the library file. Also my MT Landowners and AZ topo maps are no longer linked in / available. 

How do I link in my old maps and hiking files (from my old hard drive)? I do have a USB connection to my old drive but not sure what/where the old history files are or where to put them on my new C:/ drive.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. This forum has been a life saver in the past.


I'll be the first to reply to MY query above. Instead of saying Routes, I should have said "TRACKS". My old hiking Tracks are really what I don't want to lose.


My PC is also running Vista (just waiting for it to die... and keeping good backups  ;)

The Basecamp database is stored at


Where [you] is your user account name. Not sure if the same place is used in Win8, but you should be able to enter this in address bar of a Window to find the correct folder


I think you could just copy allData.gdb to the correct location on the new machine to transfer your old stuff. The newer versions of Basecamp also have a preference that lets you choose what database to use. I have never tried that, and it doesn't even seem to be documented in the Basecamp help.  :-\

That should take care of tracks, waypoints, etc. To move maps, the easiest way would be to use GMTK. It will create the registry keys that are needed to access most older style maps (like the majority of the ones on this site):

But this is really intended to move data when you can still run the program on the old computer. Not sure if that will work if you only have a backup disk, but give it a try. Otherwise it will be a pain to move the maps because just copying the files isn't enough. However, GMTK can also fix problems, so you might be able to just copy the map files and then run GMTK to fix the registry issues. Haven't tried that either.

Old style Garmin maps can be stored in a variety of locations on your computer. For example, the standard GPSFileDepot installer lets the user choose a location. My "legacy" Garmin maps were all installed at C:\Garmin but this location changed with newer versions of Mapsource I think.

New garmin maps (in the .gmap format) should be stored at


So it's really best to let a program like GMTK sort all of this out if possible. :)