Importing a .kmz map into BASECAMP which I downloaded here.....getting an error.

Started by eproud1, November 20, 2013, 11:38:25 PM

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Hi, I have just bought my first GPS - a Garmin Etrex 20.
I've downloaded BASECAMP onto my PC.
I've downloaded from this website 277-6285-r_world.kmz 
I've tried to follow the tutorials to get this map into BASECAMP but they don't seem correct.
I've tried IMPORT in BASECAMP & choosing the .kmz map but I get the message "BASECAMP encountered an unexpected error while importing"
Can any one help? I'm so new at all this & am stumbling at the first hurdle!



As the information page for that file states 'Shaded relief .kmz  file for the world including oceans.  This file is intended for GPSr use; it does NOT currently work in BaseCamp.'   If you have the latest version of BaseCamp, it would seam Garmin is still not supporting files which span 360 degrees of longitude.


Thanks so much I would have never realized this!
I have managed since to download one map from this site & have successfully imported it into BASECAMP.