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Garmin BirdEye Image on 3D topo map

Started by l_berlincioni, October 27, 2013, 10:39:32 PM

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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to figure out how to view Garmin's BirdEye Imagery over a shadowed 3D topo map on a handheld GPS unit such as the Oregon 550 or 600. Is that even possible?
It would be great if anyone could give some help since I don't have much experience on dealing with maps.
It would be great to be able to navigate through the 3D landscape with the actual satellite image. I can do that with my phone, but usually there is no signal when I'm on a trail and neither I want to run down all my battery if there even was.
Any advice is very well accepted.
Thank you


The new Garmin Monterra can do this, although it has not started shipping yet. You will pay lots of $$$  for it though. ;)

QuoteNew to the Monterra, is a unique mapping feature: 3D MapMerge. With this feature, users can combine two maps-like TOPO, basemap, or BirdsEye Satellite Imagery- then view the new unique map in three dimensions. Hills, valleys, lakes, roads, and points of interest combine to give Monterra's maps unequaled detail and richness. Combine BirdsEye with TOPO US 24K, or a GIS-based water table map with a shaded relief basemap, then zoom in, pan out, and rotate the 3D map using multi-touch. With 3D MapMerge, Monterra becomes the ultimate mapping tool.

The Garmin Nuvi 3xxx series cannot use Birdseye or other raster imagery, but it can provide realtime 3d terrain views using topo maps.