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Saving downloaded maps + photos

Started by nowacc, October 25, 2013, 05:08:24 AM

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I have a question about saving downloaded Garmin Birdseye topo maps and photos. I have downloaded several maps and photos. I found the files on the computer and loaded them onto flash drives. Now the Basecamp program will not read them or even recognize the files. If I use the Basecamp program to drag and transfer files onto the flash drive then it seems to work OK but the computer doesn't recognize the files on the flash drive but basecamp program does.
The external hard drive is not recognized by the base camp program either. Not even as a memory devise.
My goal is to build a file to keep my maps and photo in so when my subscriptions to the birds eye runs out I still have the maps available to reload onto the gps for which the are unlocked to. What would your recommend for this type of info storage. I know enough about computers to make me dangerous and need something simple to work with. THANKS


Not completely sure what you're saying, but Basecamp must consider the external drive a "removable device". Typically, external hard drives are not treated this was and are ignored by Basecamp however a USB flash drive will work.


I'm having problems down loading and saving maps onto my computer and saving on my hard drive. Now I don't know what happened because if I download a map from your website and try an open it with Basecamp, it doesn't work. Basecamp won't recognize the map. The thing I don't understand, it worked just fine a month ago. I didn't have to load thecgpsmapper program. I would down load and it worked fine with Basecamp as soon as I opened after loading.
Any ideas???


I don't know what/how it happened. I found I had made a back up file and everything I was trying to down load was being dumped into a file and being stored on my D drive and the program was looking on my C drive for the files. This working now but still trying to figure out how to save the map info on a external hard drive. I might get a 64 gb flash drive and see how many maps I can save on it.