Can't load TOPO US 24K- Northeast to Basecamp (version 4.2.2)

Started by desmobob, September 29, 2013, 02:21:47 PM

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I purchased the Garmin TOPO US Northeast maps shortly adfter purchasing my eTrex 20.  I downloaded the recommened "My Trails" as recommended in another thread.  I shut down Basecamp and re-started it, then dragged-and-dropped my TOPO US Northeast map from my eTrex 20 to My Library in Basecamp.  It shows up there, but I can't seem to open it or get it to display on the map part of the screen.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for any assistance!



The 'My trails ... ' was a fix for an issue with 64-bit versions of Windows for the state topo mapsets I authored and nor for Garmin products.  Follow Garmin's procedure for using their map products (I assume you have the mapset on DVD). 


My TOPO US map came on an SD card (I believe that's the size) that snaps into my eTrex 20.  I know I can't print from that map, but I figured I could load it into Basecamp.  I'll check with Garmin for the scoop.  Maybe I have to use a card reader and install it through my PC.

Thanks very much,


I have the Northeast Topo - both the DVD and SD card versions in fact. The SD version cannot be loaded on your computer for Basecamp. It can only be used on the GPS itself. However, if the GPS is connected to the computer  or the card is in a reader, Basecamp should see the map and display it. The first time you try, it may take a little while to cache some data. After that, it's pretty quick.

You could also copy the Garmin folder from the card to a USB flash drive and plug that into your computer. Basecamp should treat the flash drive just like the original card.


I was already a little bit disappointed that I couldn't print custom maps from the TOPO US software... now it seems even a little bit less useful.  Oh well.

I'll try the flash drive method.

Thanks very much for the help; I appreciate it!