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Invalid JNX File on 62stc

Started by tcooper47, September 29, 2013, 08:08:14 AM

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I have a new Garmin 62stc and I keep getting a message on boot up saying Invalid JNX File. I may have ( not sure ) downloaded a sample Birdseye file. I do not want Birdseye on my GPS but I do want to get read of this message. Can anyone tell me how to in laymen terms???????????     


I got that same message when I downloaded a Birdseye sample. I believe it comes because your device is not authorized to use Birdseye. However the sample file still worked, but I could only view about a 1 mile x 1 mile area at the center of the download. So this is Garmin's way of letting you see a free preview of what Birdseye looks like on your GPS.

You will find a Birdseye folder inside the Garmin folder on the 62stc. There will be some .jnx files inside it and maybe even a subfolder(s). Garmin usually pre-loads their handhelds with some Birdseye samples that will be listed as Digital Globe in the Map Setup menu. If you don't want any of this stuff, just delete the whole Birdseye folder and it will all be gone. If you later decide you want to purchase Birdseye, then Basecamp will automatically create a new folder for you.

But before deleting ANYTHING from your GPS, do a full backup of it. This is especially important if your device has preloaded maps because if you accidentally delete them or if they become corrupted you will be out of luck and may have to pay Garmin for a replacement. Doing a full backup is a ritual I perform each time I purchase a new GPS; it allows me to restore to a known working version if needed in the future.


Where might I find this Garmin folder on this unit. I've looked everywhere and can't find. Directions please.................


Connect the gps to your computer with a USB cable. I believe one is included with the 62. After a few seconds it should up like a USB disk on Windows - but you might get a dialog asking what you want to do. If so, you want to view folders and files.

When you look at a directory of the GPS on Windows, there should be a folder named Garmin. There should be a folder named Birdseye inside that. This is what you should delete.

HOWEVER... if you really don't understand how to use disks, folders and files on your computer, then it might be better to seek help from a friend or family member.  :)


it worked........................thank you  ;) ;) ;)