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Screen size

Started by BKSLDR7, May 21, 2009, 10:42:16 AM

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The reason I use my Nuvi 350 for trails
and the reason I'm considering a Nuvi 855
is that it is an excellent automobile GPS
AND the screen is nice a big, 3.8"x2.25".

Is there another Garmin more suitable for
trails that has a screen that big or close to it?


The widescreen Nuvi's are really pretty awkward for handheld use. They are just too wide to carry and view comfortably. All of the widescreen Nuvi's have 480x272 pixel screens. The regular ones are 320x240. The Oregon screen is in between at 400x240.

On the larger side, the Nuvi 5000 has a 5" screen at 800x480. But not suitable for handheld use because no battery!


It is true that the large screen models are a bit awkward for routine
one handed use but I hate the small screens.  I don't
really need to rely on a GPS in the Sierras
constantly but find that once in awhile it would be nice
to have a position check and I like the idea of a track
log for photo tagging. There was one trail junction on
the west side of Lake Tahoe where a position check would
have been a huge help a while back.  The higher resolution
is good but the larger screen with it is also what I prefer.
One could have a 2x2 screen with very high resolution but
need magnifiers to see the detail.

For trail work even just an elevation nails it pretty well.
I used to navigate in some parts of the Pacific in the Navy
with the fathometer(depth meter) because Loran and Radar
were of little use.
For cross country one needs more than elevation in many cases.