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TYP file for Topo24K ?

Started by glendeni, August 13, 2013, 10:09:27 AM

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I'm trying to eliminate the green background (indicating Park/NationalForest/etc) from my Garmin Topo24K maps, so the contour lines will be more easily visible.  I don't need to be told that I'm in a Park/NF/etc when I hike - ALL the places I hike have a green background!  I know that TYP files can be used to alter the treatment of polygons, which I believe are used to generate the background, so I want to make those transparent.  I'm used to editing TYP files, as I've done that in creating my own (routable) maps.

But I can't see where any TYP file is being used with Topo24K.  30 minutes of googling has not producing anything useful.  So I'm hoping someone here has some info on how to do this.

A specific question: I can use GPSmapedit to determine the hextypes of the polygons on the maps.  Is it possible to simply create a TYP file with all those polygon types set to transparent and then load that onto my GPSMAP 62 (assuming I can figure out the family ID of the Topo24K files) ??


Discussion of modification of Garmin's products has not been deemed appropriate on this site in the past. Not completely clear on the current policy here, but this forum is actually intended for discussion of original maps that you create yourself.

This might be a better place to discuss  ;)