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Making maps for only parts of a state

Started by nowacc, July 29, 2013, 05:10:51 PM

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I have been playing around and would like to make a downloadable map for a Garmin 62 but only want the NW corner of Wisconsin. The directions  show it doing the entire State. I'm having problems with the 2 different programs working and I can't get the 2nd tutorial step. I'm sure it's because the computer is looking for the data in all of the other parts of the State I don't want.
Is there an easier way and different program just for parts of a state?


See the topic "problem with step 2 of Dan's instructions."  What program will you use to do the big editing -- like GPSMapEdit, or global mapper?


I will read it, THANKS
I was following the instructions I found and loaded Dem2 topo but then found I had to load another program IDL Runtime and than I tried the other Global Mapper program. I can't get either to work??


There should b e a version of dem2topo out there that has idl built in -- you just have to click the "run idl?" and move on.

Dem2topo takes geotif formal files ( tif extension).  The usgs server now just loads GridFloat (flt), ArcGIS, or image format, so you have to use the scripts I mentioned (or directly use GDAL_translate) to covert from one of those formats to tif.

Both GPSMapEdit and Global Mapper cost money (the latter a lot more) if you want them to save anything useful.  Both also require that you have cGPSmapper installed to make the img file for upload to your GPS.