Import Data besides track from Google Map File (.kmz)

Started by buylow12, July 19, 2013, 01:49:01 AM

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I downloaded this file from a trail club and imported it into Basemap

But if you view it in Google Maps

It is showing a bunch of data that doesn't seem to be showing in Basemap. All the water, camping spots, shelters, etc. It would be really nice to have also. They also had a file for Google earth at I tried that one too and I thought that was going to be it since it was larger but it just seemed to add a few side trails.

Can I get this data into Basemap and from there to my GPS? Thanks for the help.


I'm just guessing on this one...

I'll bet that Basecamp just uses the information in a KMZ file related to the overlay of images. That is their documented support of KMZ files. So it is probably ignoring all of the other information in the KML file.
Edit: My thought above is wrong. Basecamp does read the track related data in the KML file inside the KMZ (even though the KML within the KMZ isn't even named doc.kml).

You could unzip the KMZ file (use any zip editor, 7-zip is good) so that you get the doc.kml file out. Then try and import that doc.kml file into Basecamp. Perhaps when you import the KML file directly, rather than as part of a KMZ, Basecamp might 'look' at all the data in the KML file, rather than just the data related to the image overlay.

You could also use a converter to convert the doc.kml into a GPX file, which might work better in Basecamp (if importing the doc.kml doesn't give you what you expect).
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No, my previous post was wrong. It appears that Basecamp will not read the <placemark> items in a KML file. That is what all those bridges, camping spots, etc. are saved as in the KML file. Looks like Basecamp only reads the data related to the track.

So perhaps conversion from KML to GPX might convert the placemarks to waypoints which will load into Basecamp.
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Thanks for the replies, I'll give that a shot later today and report back.

It always amazes how much time and effort I have to put in to get everything setup how I like it on my GPS. I suppose it wouldn't be so bad if I did it more often.



@dbperry That worked, I have 300 some way points in there now with all kinds of good info! Thanks a lot for the help.

@jbensman Where did you find it on MyTrails. I spent some time on there first before I even started messing around looking for other sites and didn't see what I was looking for.


"MyTrails" is not a website. It's a popular transparent overlay map of trails and POI's that jbensman has created.