Why Don't I See ALL of My Maps on My Montana 650t?

Started by twballard, July 15, 2013, 11:49:41 AM

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I transferred a large number of maps from Basecamp to my Montana 650t.  Many of the maps had corresponding overlays.  For example, Florida topo and Florida wildernesses.

I can see those listed separately in Basecamp, but after I tranfer to my GPSr, I only see Florida wildernesses and not Florida topo in my GPSr map list.  However, if I disable all other maps except this one (Florida wildernesses), it still displays with background.  Is that the way it is supposed to be?  Or is something going wrong?


Not sure how you are defining "a large number of maps". It's possible that you have exceeded the segment limit of your Montana. See this thread, the Montana 650t will be exactly like the Oregon 550t discussed there - it also has the pre-loaded topo and only supports 4000 segments.,3412.0.html

To troubleshoot, remove all the maps except the pre-loaded topo and a couple others. If that works properly, add another map and repeat. You may find a point at which it stops recognizing all the maps.


That must be it.  I assume that just disabling a map does not free up the segments it used, right? 

I will try removing everything and adding back one at a time.  Thanks for the help.


Correct.  Disabling a mapset on the GPSr is used so it will not display on the GPSr's screen. All mapsets with an .img extension on the GPSr are 'indexed so they will be ready when you enable one or more of them; else the GPSr would be reindexing whenever a mapset was enabled or disabled.