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Oregon 450t WA Topo Map Problem

Started by zosowolfpacker, July 11, 2013, 09:34:30 AM

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Hey guys,

I am having problems getting the WA State 2011 Topo Map to show up in Basecamp.
I'm using Windows 7 and have perused the forum to see what the problem might be.

I've read one solution is to install "MyTrails". I guess being a newbie I may not be installing MyTrails into Basecamp properly.

I downloaded MyTrails and ran thru the activation process but how do I actually install it into Basecamp?
I assume this question would also related to installing the WA Topo Map also.



I think "installation" is the correct word, not "activation". Have you followed this tutorial? How does the tutorial differ from what you see?


I did try to follow that tutorial.  The installer downloaded the files onto my PC.  Does Basecamp recognize the files anywhere on my PC or should I have selected that the files be installed somewhere else other than on say my Desktop or in a Program file?
I think that may be the problem.


It should make no difference where you install the files. The installer creates keys for the Windows Registry, and that's how Basecamp finds the maps, regardless of where they're installed.


Now I understand!  Thank you!
My Trails now shows up under the Map Products drop down box.  But the WA State Topo map still isn't showing up after download and installation.


Basecamp only checks for available mapsets when it is started.  If you installed WA topo with BC open, you need to close it and reopen BC.


BC was closed when I installed the WA Topo Map.  I've closed and re-opened BC again and the topo map still doesn't show.
Also noticed with the My Trails Map only a blank map screen with tiny little black dots show up. Stays the same regardless of how much I zoom in or out.

Attached a screenshot


If you zoom in on those little black dots to 7 miles or less scale you'll see the trails.

If locating the maps someplace special isn't working for you, try re-installing in the default location.


Got it.  I needed to change the "Detail Level". It was set to Low. I set to High and the trails are showing now.  Thank you for the tip!
I am still having problems getting BC to find the topo map.  Will place in a different location and see what happens.


Still no dice on the WA topo map.  I uninstalled previous downloads and downloaded into a "Garmin" folder the same place the My Trails files are stored.  That didn't work.
I even downloaded into the My Trails folder and the topo map still doesn't show in BC.

Not sure what other options exist at this point.  :(


Finally!  :D  Issue resolved.  The problem seems to be topo map files created by "maps4gps".
I tried installing maps for other states by this same creator and none of them would show up in BC.

I then installed a different WA topo map option by another creator and it worked the 1st try!  :)

Thanks for everyone's help!  Now I can go geocaching with my new Oregon 450t!  :)