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Started by rickvr, May 22, 2009, 12:44:41 PM

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I  recently updated this unit from Garmins web site. Part of the update was to allow maps greater than 2mb. I could not find any info on this. Could anyone explain this to me.
Thanks, Rick


Sorry that should have been 2gb.

Indrid Cold

When loading multiple maps to a unit, it's possible to exceed the earlier 2Gb limit. So you might have loaded 2.5Gb to a 4Gb datacard in a cardreader and thought you were fine. Problem was that the unit couldn't display any of the maps over the 2Gb limit. Something that people found out in the field... Ouch! From what I have heard, there is still a top limit of 2025 map segments the unit will address, but they may be, in total over 2Gb.

fixed typo...


should be a top limit of 2025 but yea; its easy to go over 2gb these days.
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