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How can I convert the Img file to .KML file?

Started by humble, June 19, 2013, 01:36:46 AM

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I have .img file which doesn't seem to have waypoints, tracks and routes. But shows the roads and other stuff.

I would like to conver the img file to KML so I can display them on Google Maps.

Please advise.

I am a noob on this IMG, but have some background on GPS, lat lang etc.,


.img files are maps, .gpx files contain tracks routes and waypoints. What you want to do may not be so simple because .img files are actually "containers" and the contents can vary. It might be a single map or it might contain a number of maps and other things.

What is the source of the .img file? This site has usually frowned upon "ripping" data from .img files that were created by another author.