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Can I pop the hood on my Nuvi 500?

Started by Compass Rosie, May 21, 2009, 03:02:58 PM

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Compass Rosie

There are two things I'd like to do.
First, can I edit the built-in POI database? It shows places that aren't there any more, and places that never were there: In my residential neighborhood it shows a neighbor as a retail store. OK maybe he has an online business, but I don't need to drive there, now do I?
(A related question: who chooses the POIs? Do places pay to be included?)

Second, I'll be using it for inventorying cemetery markers. When I save a site as a favorite, no lat/longs appear on the screen. Will they be there when I download the data?

Indrid Cold

Well, they are embedded into the maps in the unit. To update the info, one goes here: and reports outdated info, and once they are updated, you load an updated map. Favorites are waypoints, so the lat/longs should be there when you upload that data to a computer but someone with a nĂ¼vi will have to clear this up for you.


Yes, if you load the favorites into MapSource (waypoints there) the coordinates will be shown.
Dan Blomberg
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Compass Rosie

Thank you both!

I've been making maps for 30 years, but this is all new to me!


Assuming the 500 is like other Nuvi's, here's how to save a favorite to include the coordinates. Press Menu > Where To > Coordinates. You will get a screen which shows your current coordinates. There should be a Save button at the bottom of the screen. Tap that and you will save your current position as a waypoint with coordinates.

This is just from memory and I don't have a Nuvi here at the moment. So it might be slightly different but this is the basic concept.