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cannot right click on removable device-what now?

Started by steve f, May 13, 2013, 09:57:14 AM

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steve f

I have a micro sd card installed in my Garmin 62stc and have it connect to my lap top. It will not allow me to right click on the removable disk or even the unit--in order to download any maps----am I missing a step or doing something wrong?


When you say "It won't let me" are you talking about BaseCamp?  When you plug your unit into your PC it takes a while for the PC (whatever flavor) to recognize the unit & its micro SD and "mount" or "install" them as drives.  Furthermore, when you bring up BaseCamp (or even if it is already running) there is another delay (even if your PC already recognized the unit & micro SD) before BaseCamp recognizes them.

Make sure that you give BaseCamp enough time to recognize your unit and micro SD card.  They will show up at the bottom of the upper left window below the My Collection folders/lists.  When BaseCamp is showing them, then you can right click on the micro SD card line and begin installing your maps.  BaseCamp will bring up Garmin's MapInstall.

(Or, for that matter, you can look in your Garmin program menu and bring up MapInstall directly.  But I prefer to always start with BaseCamp.)