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Track Distance Question

Started by gpsbilly, May 12, 2013, 03:43:45 PM

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There are several reasons why the tripometer and total track distances might not agree but I'm confused as to why the track properties is only to one tenth of a mile when my eTrex 20 consistently has an accuray of less than 30 feet. The distance between trackpoints of a recorded track is usually less than 30 as well. I currently have the distance set to 0.01 miles, which is around 52 feet or so. My latest run for example was 8.1 miles according to the recorded track. I didn't add up the total feet between every track point in the recorded log but somehow it just seems the distance should have been something like 8.06 or 8.15 miles. What am I doing wrong? Any help on this would be appreciated... thanks!