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Garmin Etrex 30

Started by danderson, April 23, 2013, 06:31:02 AM

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   Its becoming apparent that I'm not the only one having trouble downloading maps to my device, I have read the many other questions presented by other users on this site and one can only come to the same conclusion that there needs to be an better way of downloading maps, one question I have regarding importing maps is it nessassary to have a memory card installed, I'm getting conflicting reports. 


Your Etrex30 has about 1.7 GB of internal memory, so you can use a lot of that to hold maps.  But I generally put my maps on a card, because if there are any problems with the maps, you can always remove the card and re-format it.

You don't say what application you are using to send (not import) maps to your device.  Or what OS you are using.  If you are using BaseCamp "import" is a menu selection that lets you import data (tracklogs and waypoints) to BaseCamp.  Maps are installed. Most maps from this site use a self extractor.

You should read the tutorials:


I am so frustrated trying to load NW trails map using Basecamp, am following the tutorial how to load maps and keep having problems, when I try to load map to my device it goes into my computer  files not basecamp or my gps, it has a garman file and when I click on it says no device connected, what am I doing wrong


Bad USB cable?  Bad USB drivers? Google for Garmin USB drivers.  There are PC and Mac versions.  (You didn't say what OS.)

It sounds like you can successfully view the map in BaseCamp.


The OS is a PC, and yes I can view the map on basecamp but my issue is trying to load the map to my gps, I managed to get washington topo on my device but no other map will load.I really want the wash. trails and the wilderness boundry maps


Have you backed up your Etrex30 to your computer?  If not, you should.

You'll need to describe how you load in order for me to see where it's going wrong. 

Can you view all the maps in BaseCamp that you want to send to the device?

Are you sending to internal memory or a card?  If internal memory, try a card.  How many IMG files do you see in the Garmin folder on your device?  There should be a Garmin folder in internal memory and on the card.

The Garmin folder in internal memory should contain two special IMG files, gmapbmap.img and gmaptz.img.  Any other IMG files in the Garmin folder should have been added by you.  All IMG files in the Garmin folder on the card should have been added by you.


I have been able to upload a map from this site onto my eTrex 30.
But mostly I copy track files from the device and display and analyze them (my uploading is a one time success) - HOWEVER, two things I have noted:
- Make sure that you wait long enough for Windows to recognize the eTrex 30 has been connected to the computer (I often plug it in and get a cup of coffee).
- Do NOT let Windows re-format the drive.
- Once the eTrex 30 has been plugged into the computer and can be recognized at a 'thumb drive', start Basecamp

Can you recognize the device in Basecamp?  If neither the OS or the application recognize the device, there is nothing to upload the map to.

Good luck!


I managed to load a few maps on my etrex-30 some how, the problem I had was in the device itself they had to be enabled to view the map, so they were loaded but I didn't know it, I got my Trails one that will be most valuable for me since I do a lot of wilderness back packing, and the Washington Topo map, plus Northwest trails. I still cant load the private land ownership and the game management unit maps but at least I'm on the right track, if anyone knows of any other free maps for Central Washington I can load let me know, Thanks.


Quote from: danderson on May 08, 2013, 06:32:03 AM
....if anyone knows of any other free maps for Central Washington I can load let me know, Thanks.

You will not do any better than Northwest Topo and Northwest Trails (which are included with the Northwest Topo).
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