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Yet another newbie question

Started by KDinFLA, April 09, 2013, 05:49:13 PM

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Tried searching for an answer in the forums, but nothing quite fit.

I d/l'd the free FL topo (thanks, OZ!) to BC, then sent it to the Dakota20. Took a while to send, but finally got the OK message.

When I try to enable the FL topo in Setup/Map, etc, "FL topo" isn't an option. The 100K map is there, but not the FL map.

Tried again to send to device and BC tells me the device already has it.

What am I missing?


Indrid Cold

Not sure I follow...

What 100K map? Were you sending a 100K topo at the same time or was it already on the gps?

Windows or Macintosh.


Sorry I didn't see this earlier...

The "100K map" came on disc with the Dakota20. Parts of it had been loaded before I attempted to load the FL map. There was a choice to load the 100K map and the FL map from BC, so I loaded both (one at a time).


Thanks for any help.

Indrid Cold

One at a time? I'll bet you loaded the Florida topo first and the 100k topo next, over writing the Florida topo. Try loading both at the same time.


Showing my ignorance here, but does the DK support multiple IMG files like the OR and later, or just a single gmapsupp.img like my 60CSX?

KDinFLA, you should understand that by sending both maps to the DK at the same time as Indrid has suggested you guarantee the second map won't overwrite the first.  That's the way you had to do it with older units like the 60CSX.

Indrid Cold

I believe it does multiple .img files, Oz has one and can confirm this or not.


The multiple .img file feature began with the Colorado and all the "state series" have it. Garmin calls these "n-map devices".

I have avoided using MapInstall since Mapsource does all I need. But my understanding was that it's supposed to be "smart" enough not to delete any maps from your device. But it may still may be buggy.

KDinFLA: with the Dakota connected to you computer, open it to view files and look in the Garmin folder. What files are there with a .img extension? If there's a file named gmapsupp.img, then the new map has probably replaced the old one.

If you install maps on a SD card using a card reader (as opposed to having the card in the Dakota), then MapInstall won't "know" that you have a n-map device and will probably name the map file gmapsupp.img, replacing any old map, since that would be compatible with all their handhelds.


Mapinstall is not too bad ATM.  If you have a known multiple map capable device attached, it names the map files based on their TDB settings.  It also recognizes all installed maps and gives you the choice to leave them alone or update.

Everything since the Colorado supports multiple maps including Nuvis.

You need to be careful using Mapsource especially with newer Nuvis as there are newer map features that it will not install (according to Garmin).