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just need a good map

Started by danderson, April 13, 2013, 04:34:45 PM

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I just recenntly purchased a Garman e-trex 30 and I need a good map of washington state that shows good detail, I do a lot of wilderness hiking and hunting, I managed to get the basic topo map off here but it lacks in detail, is there another option thats free, or do I have to buy the map for 99.00 dollars ?

Indrid Cold

Well... there are several topo maps here that cover Washington State, the all should be detailed. What settings are you viewing it with and which one did you download?


Well first off I have to say that I'm not much of a computer geek so I'm already at a disadvantage, so I managed to install the Garman base camp on my computer and next I downloaded the washington topo map, the basic one not sure what it was even called, I have it installed on my computer but cant figure out how to load it on my device, I also tryed to install the northwest topo map on my computer with no luck, it was unable to load not sure why, Help

Indrid Cold

Different maps might have different procedures, so it's best to know which one so we're on the same page. If I were to give you Macintosh directions, and you had a Windows system, it won't help you much, right? This one, for example,

Run the installer and follow the following:


I have a windows system PC, and am still trying to down load the topo maps on my computer been trying unsuscessfully now for quite some time, a little dissappointed in my self because i'm not sure if the problem lies in my computer or the software.


Someone here might be able to help you if you could identify where in the tutorials Indrid links to that things went wrong.  They are pretty complete, so they should be able to help diagnose your problem.