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Garmin map60csx - no show maps

Started by cjz_here, May 16, 2009, 01:55:16 PM

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After successfully downloading FL topo via MapSource it doesn't appear in the map setup page for selection.

Ideas?? I'm getting desperate.


Indrid Cold

If you mean that it doesn't show up for selection in the gps then it sounds like a card issue. Make sure the card is fully seated into the gps. If this doesn't help, try a different card.


Hi Ciz_Here,

If you uploaded straight to the card or unit via Mapsource, and the map is the only one in the mapset, you should not need to select the map, as it will be the only map on the unit and it will be selected by default.

Can you confirm that
1. you uploaded via Mapsource, or
2. you uploaded via other means (eg MapsetToolkit) but the map IS name gmapsupp.img in the card's Garmin folder?

If by any chance you copied the IMG file and gave it another name than gmapsupp.img, it will not work on the 60CSX. If this sounds like it's on the right track, you may want to read the section on installing multiple maps on this little page I made about with 60csx tips.

Wishing you a beautiful day,

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