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Author Topic: Editing the "Blank Overview Map" to actually see data in MapSource/ BaseCamp.  (Read 3160 times)


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Anyone know how can I edit the preview map in MapSource after installing a mapset with Mapsettoolkit? I always check "Blank Overview Maps" but then the map blanks out in MapSource when I zoom out.

Is there a way to edit any of the .img files MapSettoolkit creates in the output folder as a preview map? I noticed that NorthWest Trails always has road and stream data in the preview map in MapSource/BaseCamp but it's there only for reference (you only download the trails to your GPS).

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I just spent the entire weekend working on updates for the MT Topo public lands and was trying to figure out the above question before publishing. I get alot of emails saying "I can't view your maps in MapSource" and the fix is always "Zoom in or increase the detail level." I'm trying to avoid that in the future. Thank you for any help!


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You can open preview map in GPSMapEdit, add any data you like, save all in *.mp format and recompile. Take care to preserve map levels and map area. Do not delete 0x4a polygons, they are needed by Mapsource.


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You have to be careful not to change the its mapnumber else none of the 'detailed' imgs will show uo - ie this number should tally with the one contained in the corresponding tdb file.


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Be careful....  Preview maps and transparent maps do not work together in Basecamp at the same detail levels.  This was all broken a couple of years ago by the Garmin programming team and never fixed.

Northwest trails uses two detailed maps at the same location to get around this problem.  It is not the perfect solution as the user can accidentally select the "preview" map when installing to the GPS.