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Update email address on this site?

Started by Red90, February 28, 2013, 02:00:52 PM

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Is it just me or is there no way to update your email address here?


Are you saying Forums / Profile - summary / Modify Profile - account settings
does not change your email entry?


Maybe I am blind, but I do not see any "modify profile" box.  Under "actions", there is only "delete this account".


Strange, because on my version of that screen I see" Profile Info |Modify Profile| Actions".  You may want to PM -Oz-.


Apparently I need to post more in the forums before I can change my profile.  Seems a little silly as I just wanted to update the email address so that contact information for my maps was up to date....  But anywho, rules are rules, I guess....


Yea, sorry about the rules; you should have enough posts now.  It is because otherwise bots will register and post spam links in their profile to push google searches that way.

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