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etrex vista h and City Navigator NT

Started by chainstretcher, May 15, 2009, 01:56:10 PM

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I read on the garmin site (ya, their customer service is second to all  :P ) that the vista h was compatible with City Navigator NT.  So I go to load maps and the file is too big.  Some of the "free" maps I've downloaded are divided into nice 7MBish size chunks.  Is there a way I can do that with the Official maps?  That is without getting too hackish.  Reason I paid $$ for the CD is to avoid all the extra steps and splotchy performance ... now I can't use it either ...


Indrid Cold

I think that if you want to use those maps you would be better off with a Vista HCx, I don't think you are going to able to cut up the maps, and even if you could there would be little point.

Vista H specs:
QuoteBuilt-in memory:      24 MB
Automatic routing (turn by turn routing on roads):      no


Well, I contacted them via phone and the dude was somewhat helpful.  According to him the NT files are too big (over 24MB) and if I mail the DVD back to them they will send out the City Navigator to me ... the one without the NT.

Still kinda ticks me off because I bought the Vista H because their site specifically stated it was compatible with the City Navigator NT.


Well, it is compatible, just not with your section/segment... :-P

Really though they knew this was an issue when they moved away from City Select which had even smaller segment sizes.
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Indrid Cold

Before opening the CN DVD they send you, I would confirm the info on their website that says the unit doesn't do turn-by-turns. If that is really the case,you can sell off the unused DVD they send you and use one of the TOPO's from this site or the Ibycus USA Road Maps for free.