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Online Users Names

Started by BobT, February 05, 2013, 01:22:17 PM

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Just curious but when ever I look at the names at the bottom of users online the names appear to be just a bunch of letters and not real names.  I don't mean to insult anyone if those are real names but I cannot believe they are.
My question is: are those real names and if not what are they.

Below is what I see:
BobT, Vgqecclw, erucagkii, vqstaq0by, WaindySaidwaY, Fignipiepe, nlgcqnhv, Kgimxjwg, IrrarDed, nadvqncp, lovkoser, sjibicl, smolisalaDaph, glaramn, Odpcfqku, svadity, ilollistin, liresnoit, bogaard, Qiglpypm, apyvoi9tc, dxymkcj, Ilavlaml, blorieffide, fffzriwy, arobrellia, idxelqwd, Invorie, chkkflbl, apeteevy, inraehanla, Sdjmsxfd, soycle, Huuwwgbb, sufphn7cv, Urhdtxeq


It is whatever 'name' people give to themselves when decide to become a member.


I wonder if many of those are spammers whose accounts get deleted? Let's hope that it isn't another hack like we experienced a year or two ago.  :o


Yea, my intuition tells me something looks screwy about them.


Same here, very strange.. I only recognize a couple names, the rest all appear to be computer generated....

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Besides the name, I noticed a much larger number of users logged on; starting in Nov. ??


I looked a little closer. Many of these are pretty clearly spammers. Since I'm not a mod I don't know whether their accounts are actually active or not, but if you click on them you can view their profile pages.

Try pasting some of the names into this form and you will get a number of hits here:

Indrid Cold

Spammers & Astroturffers for the most part, email scrapers also