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Newbie install question

Started by Swerds, January 26, 2013, 08:21:59 PM

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Hey guys

alright so i bought an etrex 20 and needed Washington state maps. i downloaded "my trails" as read in this forum earlier and downloaded Washington topo 2011 as well. note i have win7-64. when i use basecamp to import i select the folder they are in but basecamp does not recognize either one. i do notice they are zip files. any help? thanks guys!

p.s. i did download my trails first as the instructions said.


Did you run the .exe files you downloaded?
  First 'my trails ... ', then WA topo, then open Basecamp. 
  BC only checks for available mapsets when it is started.  Any mapset installed while it is running will not be recognized until the next time BC is started.


yes i did run my trails then washington topo and then opened basecamp to import. the problem is when it has me search for the files i got the folder and it says its empty.


You should not have to "import" or "search for files" when installing a map. The installer does all this for you. The map should just appear in the dropdown menu when you run Basecamp. The whole experience is like this:


woooow....did i say i was new? thank you very much guys!