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Garmin ETrex VistaHCX

Started by Fish Addict, January 26, 2013, 11:11:30 AM

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Fish Addict

Went fishing today and unit would not turn on.  Batteries are good.  Garmin is closed today so couldn't call them.  Need help????


Completely dead? Won't do anything? What happens if you connect it to your computer? Is there any corrosion on the battery contacts? How do you know the batteries are good?

Try these:
but note all the warnings about trying at your own risk. If you're not comfortable with the risk of possibly bricking your unit, you may want to wait until talking to Garmin.

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Fish Addict

YEP... Deader than  a doorknob.  Don't see any corrosion,  I tested the batteries just to be sure.  I haven't tried hooking to computer as yet.  That was next step.
Thanks for input.. :)

Fish Addict

Well.... That didn't work.  Reset did not happen. 

Fish Addict

Thanks for your help GPBerry.  I have it plugged into the computer.  I get my start screen but nothing after that.  I cannot turn on the background light; It doesn't try to find satellites, so I am about the position as before. Though now I will try the reset.  I don't think it will work since I don't seem to be getting power to the unit.  I will also try to access my saved data on Basecamp.

Fish Addict

Final Outcome.

I called GARMIN support.  Tech had me remove the MicroSD card.  then check power on.  It didn't respond. 
Next He had me plug into computer. I did and it powered up.  He then had me run WEBUPDATER, a program from Garmin to update the unit.  It was fully up to date so no further action needed there. 

He then had me unplug the unit from computer.  Checked for stability before powering off..  Reinstall the MicroSD Card and power up. It worked and seemed normal. 

He had no reason except to say that the card could have been corrupted or just caused a temporary malfunction.  Seemed strange to me that it was that but Nothing else was done and I was using the same batteries I had when it failed the first time. 

OH WELL....  Hope someone can use this info for their problem..