why don't ALL my wpts save back and forth from mapsource to oregon 450?

Started by fieldsj66, January 24, 2013, 10:12:59 AM

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its like they don't sync.

some will appear and some won't both directions.

thought it might be something with the symbols? started putting dots instead of others.

any ideas?


Mapsource is old. It was discontinued over two years ago. The newer units like yours store waypoints in a manner that is not compatible with Mapsource. You must use Basecamp if you want full compatibility with your Oregon 450.

The new models start a new  file each day that you save waypoints. So if you saved a waypoint today it would be in a file named something like waypoints_1-24-13.gpx. Look in the .gpx folder on the Oregon and you will see many files like this. You could individually open each of them in Mapsource, but that is a pain.



is basecamp a free download somewhere?
do i need to do anything concerning my maps already in use?


Yes, it's free:

Just download and install. It will recognize any maps that you have already installed in Mapsource. It will also allow you to use new features of your Oregon, such as Birdseye:


Did you really get gpx files or loc files?

Under "In the format," you have the choice of either the GPX or the LOC results. GPX results will offer more information about the cache listing including hints and logs.

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TO BOYD::  Should I remove Mapsource from the computer so I don't possibly have a conflict in the future.???


MapSource has a few nice features that won't be incorporated in BaseCamp...ever.  If it were me, I'd leave them both on the machine until you see a problem.  I've been running both on my Win7 box for 4 years, with no problems.