Garmin 62S no topo lines on topo and no streets on routable street map

Started by aj_chciago, January 13, 2013, 11:04:11 AM

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This is all new to me.... new 62S, new to creating and downloading maps, new to the forum. I figured out where to find free topo and routable street maps. I downloaded a topo map from GPSFileDepot and got it onto the 62S. I can select it and see it, but there are no topo lines on it (the garmin topo shading option is set to OFF or DO NOT SHOW). I was able to create and download a routable street map from garmin.openstreetmap.  I sent it to the device. I can see it and select it, but there are no streets or roads displayed no matter what the zoom level. I can go to openstreetmap where I created it and zoom to street level there, but cannot on the device once the map is loaded. Feeling pretty ignorant. I can't find any detail option on the 62S menus that might apply. What is it that I don't know? I am using MAPSOURCE in both cases. Have not tried using BASECAMP.


You'll be better off asking that question at  since the map in question didn't come from this site.


Does the topo map work on your computer? Have you compared it to what you see on the GPS? In other words, are you sure that you're really looking at the topo on the GPS and not the basemap or some other map? You are aware that when you send a map to the GPS from Mapsource, it erases any map that you previously sent - right?

Otherwise, a couple other ideas come to mind. First, all the newer models have a bug with the profiles feature that can prevent elevation contours from showing. On the GPS, check to see what profile is active. If not Recreational, switch it to recreational. If it's already recreational, switch to something else, then back to Recreational.

Finally, there is at least one map - maybe more - on this site where the countour lines are contained in a separate transparent map that must also be installed.  What map are you using? And have you tried more than one topo? Do they all have this same problem?