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Dynamically show/hide multiple IMG files on Garmin 796

Started by opie, January 08, 2013, 05:47:42 AM

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Hmmm.. perhaps I am not as clever as I thought/hoped, but I can't find a copy of gmapbmap.img on the Aera 796.  Is there one I can download somewhere that might show the icons?  I plugged in the 796 with the USB cable and searched the internal memory, but no luck.


Since you said the device had a \Map directory, then perhaps it's like the Nuvi which has a hidden directory for critical files named .System

Set your folder options like this and you should see it if it's there.

BTW, this would be a good time to do a full backup of the device, including the hidden folder. It's easy to create a big problem by accidentally deleting a file. It will be easy to correct if you have a backup, but a big hassle if you don't.


Hi guys, one more question.

Do you know of a way of forcing the visibility of a mapset to be either On or Off when the GPS boots up.  I've generated several layers worth of data and I'd like some of them to be visible by default and others hidden.

When I 'touch' through to the Map Info page I can turn them on or off there, but I'm thinking about the KML equivalent of the 'open' tag.


I can't imagine there's anyway to do this. You are limited by whatever features Garmin has put into the firmware. Garmin's new outdoor products have something called "profiles" that let you capture all your settings, including map selection and activate them with a couple screen taps. The Montana goes even further with "shortcuts" which are actually macro's that you can create. Don't know if any of this is supported on an aviation device though. I think it's unique to the Montana series.

BTW, just curious, does your device have a hidden .System folder as described above?


Sorry Boyd, I got busy flying everyday and didn't check back in here till just now.

I accidentally left the GPS in the helicopter tonight, but will check when I am out there next time.  I'm pretty sure that there is a .System folder as I had gone looking for hidden files previously.  I'll let you know what I find.

So far my scripts are working nicely with your guys' help.  I have 5 mapsets for each layer I want to be able to turn on or off depending what kind of flying I am doing or where and then one general gmapsupp.img file with a 'name' element set that tells me how current the data is when I put the card in


Hi Boyd,

Here is what I found in the .System directory.

Volume in drive E is GARMIN
Volume Serial Number is 4D4A-A04C

Directory of E:\.System

06/22/2011  10:06 AM    <DIR>          .
06/22/2011  10:06 AM    <DIR>          ..
01/01/1980  12:00 AM    <DIR>          RemoteSW
08/21/1999  06:04 PM    <DIR>          AVTN
07/16/2008  04:17 AM       207,192,064 gmapbmap.img
09/12/2007  09:03 AM            25,214 drive.ico
11/03/2008  01:29 AM         1,449,472 audio_db.img
12/01/2012  09:09 PM           595,456 gmaptz.img
08/21/1999  06:00 PM                 4 audio_db.sum
08/21/1999  06:01 PM                 4 gmapbmap.sum
08/21/1999  06:01 PM                 4 gmaptz.sum
12/01/2012  09:08 PM                 0 GUPDATE.GCD
               8 File(s)    209,262,218 bytes

Directory of E:\.System\RemoteSW

01/01/1980  12:00 AM    <DIR>          .
01/01/1980  12:00 AM    <DIR>          ..
01/19/2009  02:38 AM            65,536 gxm40sw.bin
04/18/2011  07:50 AM            54,528 006B136200.GCD
09/14/2011  05:08 AM            54,528 006B136201.GCD
03/23/2011  07:30 AM           341,672 006B137900.GCD
01/01/1601  03:00 AM         1,434,113 006B134300.GCD
               5 File(s)      1,950,377 bytes

Directory of E:\.System\AVTN

01/01/1980  12:00 AM    <DIR>          .
01/01/1980  12:00 AM    <DIR>          ..
01/01/1980  12:00 AM    <DIR>          FliteCharts
08/21/1999  06:01 PM                 4 avtn_db.sum
08/21/1999  06:03 PM                 4 terrain.sum
08/21/1999  06:03 PM                 4 obstacle.sum
08/21/1999  06:04 PM                 4 safetaxi.sum
               4 File(s)             16 bytes

Directory of E:\.System\AVTN\FliteCharts

01/01/1980  12:00 AM    <DIR>          .
01/01/1980  12:00 AM    <DIR>          ..
               0 File(s)              0 bytes

Directory of E:\.System\Diag

01/01/1601  03:00 AM    <DIR>          .
01/01/1601  03:00 AM    <DIR>          ..
01/19/2013  03:37 PM    <DIR>          EventLogs
01/19/2013  03:37 PM         2,097,152 sys_log1.bin
               1 File(s)      2,097,152 bytes

Directory of E:\.System\Diag\EventLogs

01/01/1601  03:00 AM    <DIR>          .
01/01/1601  03:00 AM    <DIR>          ..
01/17/2013  10:45 AM           118,578 0000009A.txt
01/18/2013  07:19 AM           117,649 0000009D.txt
01/17/2013  02:52 PM           118,012 0000009C.txt
01/18/2013  08:32 AM           117,680 0000009E.txt
01/18/2013  08:37 AM           117,655 0000009F.txt
01/19/2013  01:17 PM           118,111 000000A0.txt
01/19/2013  03:37 PM           118,078 000000A1.txt
01/17/2013  02:43 PM           118,129 0000009B.txt
               8 File(s)        943,892 bytes

     Total Files Listed:
              26 File(s)    214,253,655 bytes
              16 Dir(s)   3,577,794,560 bytes free


Cool - thanks for following up. I'll wager that very few people on this site have ever seen an aviation GPS.  :)


Funny, they are all I've ever used for the past 10 years, never really used the non-aviation models.  When I get a chance I will make a Types test file and see if I can uncover more info on the subset of types that the aviation units will render.

Thanks again,