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Mapping out the new year

Started by Boyd, January 05, 2013, 12:07:55 PM

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What kinds of projects are other mapmakers planning for the year ahead?

For starters, I am learning my way around the Google Maps API and have an alpha version of my LIDAR based map of the New Jersey Pine Barrens running in a browser. Sitting here right now with a "Teach yourself Javascript" book next to the computer.  ;D

Kind of slow getting started, but it has only taken me about 3 days to get a barebones site up and running. Lots of files involved with this... using my settings, about 4,000 map tiles are required for each USGS 24k quad. I might transition this to some other kind of software since I'm not using any of the Google-specific features or maps, just their interface for displaying my own map data.

Also have an alpha version of another project which uses the same high-res LIDAR data in .kmz files as a Garmin Custom Map. I have a companion transparent Garmin Vector Map (.img file) containing roads and POI's that can be overlaid on the .kmz. Each USGS quad requires 16 .jpg files so that limits most Garmin handhelds to a total of 6 quads at a time (96 tiles) although the Montana can handle 31 quads.

Not sure what else I might tackle this year. I'm interested in a lot of things, but as you know, this stuff takes a lot of time! Happy New Year to all!  :)


Drop dead gorgeous, but that's what we've come to expect.


Wow that does look really well.  My first goal is to fight with Garmin to get a new Dakota since their 5.50 upgrade appeared to have bricked it.
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 :D Thanks guys. But doesn't anybody else have mapmaking plans for the new year? Are you working on more routable maps Seldom?

I am also wondering about other map formats, other devices. With 7" Android tablets including GPS going for under $200, this has gotten me interested. But I'm not sure if there are any apps that support making your own vector based maps. There are several raster options, like OziExplorer for Android and Trimble Backcountry Navigator.


The Android App "OruxMaps" is the only app that I know of that you can load a Garmin .img file on and it will display it.  I have it on my phone and friends have it on their tablets.  It shows the maps that I make, ATV Trails, very well.  It does not show track colors but shows track types.  I am not sure how well it would show one of the big more complex maps that most of the members on this site make.


I've been distracted recently.  Went outside one night, looked up, and saw the Milky Way.  Since then I've been spending most of my nights in the cold (-5F) dark, searching for Messier objects (aka "faint fuzzies") in my telescope. 

In another month or two, I should be back to some mapping.  I need to add another degree south to Desert Southwest so it will fit in Joshua Tree NP, and perhaps more degrees around the rest of the perimeter, but that means that map will be getting pretty big. 

Also need to upgrade my GM, version 14 has some new intersection finding and making features.


Quote from: Boyd on January 05, 2013, 12:07:55 PMI am learning my way around the Google Maps API and have an alpha version of my LIDAR based map of the New Jersey Pine Barrens running in a browser

Now available for your amusement here:  :)

The crosshairs are placed at the center of the window and represent the coordinates and zoom setting shown in the URL, which you can copy to create a link. This is definitely alpha software so there are bugs and the coverage area is very small (6 USGS 24k quads) so far, but I will be continually expanding this until it covers all of Southern NJ.

I've tested it with Firefox and Internet Explorer on Windows and Safari on the Mac. There is one issue that I only see in Firefox. Whenever I move the map it adds links to the browser history. This doesn't happen in Safari or IE - anyone know why window.location.replace() is doing this when it shouldn't? I'm sort of a babe lost in the woods when it comes to Javascript.  ;) My version of Firefox is pretty old, so maybe that's the problem.