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colombia maps...confused

Started by kamjam, January 01, 2013, 03:08:12 PM

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which map should i use for colombia. the editors choice is World shaded relief kmz but i am confused if that has the roads on it (i just need it for normal car driving use). the ColRut download shows the road icon but the kmz file does not...i am confused, please help, thanks


World shaded relief map will only work on newer handheld/outdoor devices such as the Oregon, Dakota, Montana GPSMap62 and 78, eTrex 20 and 30. It won't work on older models and won't work on the Nuvi models.

Aside from that, it is an extremely low level of detail and will be useless for "normal car driving". Since my knowldege of Spanish is limited, I can't tell you much about ColRut but it is more likely to be what you want.

However that map is not hosted on this site. See the ColRut website for more information:


That map only shows shaded relief (and ocean depths) by colors.
It was intended as a 'demo' of one of the uses for Garmin's new (3 years ago) .kmz files.