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Can't see trails on Nuvi 360

Started by Neophile, May 11, 2009, 09:30:20 AM

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I installed the California Topo Map on my Garmin Nuvi. The contour lines show up just fine, but I can't see any trails. I can see the trails on MapSource so I know where they should be. What am I doing wrong?




I couldn't find anything that explains how to do that, but while I was trying to find it, I noticed that when I click on the MapSource map, besides highlighting the individual pink rectangles, if I click in a certain place on the map, I also highlight the entire Bay Area and that puts "Bay Area" in the list of maps. That must be the basemap that you are talking about. Right?

I now have three maps in my GPSr: City Navigator North America, one set of maps including "Bay Area" plus numbered sections, and one set containing only numbered sections. Now when I turn on only the one with "Bay Area" plus numbered sections, I see trails, but not coutours. When I turn on only the one with just numbered sections, I see contours, but not trails. If I turn on both of these without City Navigator, I can see trails and contours. If City Navigator is on along with these, I can see contours but not trails.

So, yay! I don't understand how this works, but it works good enough for me. Thanks!


The best way to load the CA TOPO from MapSource is not to click on a map tile, but to marquee a section to include both the contour set and the other data.

What is the difference between clicking on a tile and marquee? How does one marquee?